What it’s like to be a 10,000 HOURS Intern..

What I like about my internship at 10,000 HOURS is that you get a lot of responsibilities and you learn everything about how to organize an event. For example, I was responsible for the Sensation Volunteer Day and  I had to book DJ’s, take care of the show elements, the decoration, different workshops, makeup artists, CSOs and keep close contact with all of the stakeholders. But what I loved the most are the special experiences during the Volunteer Days. When working with young people with special needs and elderly you get immediately a positive result for all your hard work. It’s really nice to see that it’s very easy to make someone happy and give them an unforgettable day. Besides the tasks and the responsibilities, you get to work with the Nienke’s.. and they ROCK!

I wish my replacement all the luck in the world and a wonderful time at 10,000 HOURS

X! Marije

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