2017, you have been so good! 16 volunteerdays, 16 collabs with festival organizations, 868 volunteers. Let’s look back at this incredible year where we all together donated 14,762 HOURS. Thank you all for this amazing year and see you next year!

We kicked off 2017 with a brand new collaboration with Club NYX. On the 20th of January, we gave elderly an unforgettable experience with the best bingo you’ll ever see! Did someone say PARTY? Oh man, what a day! Together we donated 235 HOURS, the best way to start 2017.

We wanted to keep that fresh energy alive and kicking, so only a week later we presented another new collab with Models at Work. Together we went to the Amsterdam Fashion Week, to give fashionista’s from 75+ a day to remember!

To make our community even bigger, we introduced the HEROES ACADEMY again this year in March. 18 festival-loving volunteers were trained to be a HERO and help out on volunteer days. Everybody, wave ‘hi’ to Delano, Larissa, Jordy, Jim, Sharif, Demi, Lisette, Kim, Laura, Luca, Lisa, Vania, Max, Michelle, Ronja, Jinnah, Chariss en Marès!


In April the time had come to face some true obstacle barriers… We did the Mud Masters Run! Big thanks to all the people who supported the crowdfunding and a big shout out to all the runners from team 10,000 HOURS! Woohoo!

Not only was 2017 about the Final Sensation, it also was our last Sensation Volunteer Day. And boy, did we go out with a bang! We danced until we couldn’t walk anymore. We celebrated life in style, fully dressed in white. It was an honor to collab with you, Sensation White!

When I say 600 dedicated volunteers, 8 ambassadors and 8 locations through the whole country, you say… THE PROJEQT! This year we organized the BIGGEST volunteer day for youngsters with disabilities in the Netherlands together with Q-dance. On the 20th of May we donated 4528 HOURS! Because of all the hard work from the hardstyle-loving volunteers, we were able to make a difference for 1.600 disables youngsters, in only ONE day! Raise your hands if you can’t wait for the next edition of THE PROJEQT!


While some festivals ended in 2017, new doors were opened. We had our first volunteer day abroad! 10,000 HOURS UK launched and we already had 3 volunteer days in the United Kingdom this year. Together with We Are FSTVL we cooked for the homeless. The first 168 HOURS were donated across the ocean! Later in 2017, we worked together with PARKLIFE FESTIVAL and Creamfields. *insert confetti for new achievements*

In June we turned the volume up and raised the beats per minute. Together with Dominator, we organized a mini-festival for disabled youngsters. Hardcore to the bone!

Let the good times roll! Our Rollator Roller Disco for the elderly together with Buiten Westen was amazing. Nostalgic moments, warm hearts and swaying hips: it was all we needed. Another 233 HOURS were volunteered that day.


July was all about our mini Welcome to the Future festival! There were DJ workshops giving by Joran van Pol and Mirella Kroes, a make-up corner where you could get your glam on and an amazing dj-booth, self build by our awesome volunteers!

Have you ever seen so many smiling and cheerfully people at one picture? That was the result of the mini Mysteryland for disabled youngsters in August. We partied like it was 1999! It was without a doubt a magical day.

Together with Thunderdome, we showed the meaning of true friendship. 25 Gabbers were on a mission to help Gabber Robert in October. Not only did we made a huge transformation in his yard and house, we also had a lot of fun. Thunder in my heart!


Where were you on the most legendary party during Amsterdam Dance Event? I hope in the middle of our awesome polonaise, or screaming your lungs out at the karoakebar because otherwise you missed one hell of a good party. Our collab with our friend Disco Dolly was one for the books!

Last, but definitely not least… Our Winter Circus together with Valhalla was heartwarming. The smiles on the children’s faces were priceless. We have never seen so many magic tricks or tasted chocolate milk that good!


Last year, in 2016 we started with #TAKE-AUCTION. This year we kept going. Beside all these volunteer days we had an auction with, Dominator, Models at Work, Q-dance and Thunderdome. With the most incredible items you could ever imagine, like a helicopter flight above Defqon.1 Festival, backstage tours, items from all the DJ’s who supported us. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

THANK YOU to all who made this year the success that it has become.

Thank you Nachtlab Agency, It’s Us, Hide and Seek, De Hooge Waerder, Kansfonds, VSB Fonds, Q-dance, Art of Dance, Mysteryland, Sensation, Welcome to the Future, Models at Work, Club Nyx, Thunderdome, Disco Dolly, Valhalla and b2s!

Thanks to all the amazing and caring ambassadors of 2017: Willy Party, Hoax, Nancy Goreng, Adaro, Brennan Heart, B-Front, Digital Punk, Frequencerz, Hard Driver, Jason Payne, The Darkraver, DJ Amada, Bass-D, DJ Sidney Still, Joran van Pol, Mirella Kroes, Dj Turne, Girls love dj’s, Luuk van Dijk, Wouter S, YAX.X and Lil Rock DJ.

And last, but DEFINITELY not least: THANKS to all the volunteers who helped out this year. Without you guys we couldn’t make all of this possible!

Let’s close the chapter called 2017 and open the next one… 2018: here we come!