THE PROJEQT – Let’s put some heart into hardstyle


Saturday May 20th 2017 was marked the biggest volunteer day in the world of hardstyle. A day volunteers put their whole heart into: THE PROJEQT.


A VIP party like no other

On 8 locations throughout the Netherlands, dedicated Q-dancers made the world a little better by doing a lil good for people with disabilities. Let’s call them VIPS, like we do.
In multiple family replacement homes, 600 volunteers painted walls, cleaned up gardens, baked pancakes and prepared the best parties.
Brought to you in collaboration with Q-dance, we think these VIPS deserve a good party, just like anyone else. Our mission is to donate a bit of love to a vulnerable group within our society, in the form of tons of volunteer hours. And we did! Can you say 4528 HOURS?


The Projeqt QDANCE x 10,000HOURS-1


Closing the night

Not only our best volunteers were dedicated, PROJEQT DJ ambassador Darkraver made the very most out of this day too: “It’s always great to work on this initiative. First, I worked alongside the volunteers, but I liked it so much I became an ambassador. And this year, they asked me to close this day with great music!”
Together with B-Front, Brennan Heart, Digital Punk, Frequencerz, Hard Driver & Jason Payne, banging atmospheres were created at the closing parties and our VIPS were sent home dreaming of hardstyle. Watch the full video here.


The Projeqt QDANCE x 10,000HOURS


To be continued!

According to Nienke Bassle, founder of 10,000 HOURS, this day is definitely on the schedule for next year. Maybe then not 600, but 700 dedicated volunteers will turn up using their orange hearts to get the party started for our VIPS!
And it wasn’t just us. Websites like DJ Mag NL, Partyflock and Partyscene wrote ravishing reviews of our awesome day. This successful day was rated a 10 out of 10(!) by Partyscene. Read the full report here.


The Projeqt QDANCE x 10,000HOURS