Spinnin’ Sessions ADE Volunteer Day


Next Monday, September 19th, 10,000 HOURS HERO Jeroen and Spinnin’ Records team up for the first Spinnin’s Sessions ADE Volunteer Day. During Amsterdam Dance Event, the city transforms into a magical dance floor. We want to share this energetic atmosphere with vulnerable elderly in Amsterdam. 


Loneliness among elderly is a serious issue and therefore we’ll visit a nursing home in Amsterdam to spend time with the elderly and take them out for a joyful day in the park. After that we’ll hit the dance floor for an afternoon filled with jazzy tunes, dancing and drinks. Do you want to start your ADE party marathon with a massive those of karma points? Don’t wait any longer and register now!


The Spinnin’ Sessions ADE Volunteer Day is one of the beautiful products of our HERO ACADEMY.  A couple of months ago we started the HEROES ACADEMY with a dream to expand our team and to realize even more meaningful projects. The HEROES journey began in February were a group of eleven inspiring volunteers crossed our paths, driven to be a part of THE HEROES ACADEMY. We invited experts in the field to show their best practices and train the HEROES how to guide a group of 10 or 15 volunteers.


Now, six months later, after four training sessions and seven volunteer days, our HEROES learned how to work with elderly and youngsters with special needs, how to improve their presentation skills and how to set up their own mini volunteer day. After completing the academy it’s time for Jeroen to showcase his new learned skills.


Help Jeroen on his mission, share your positive energy with the elderly and dance your ass off at Spinnin’ Sessions on October 19th.


The HEROES ACADEMY is supported by VSBfonds and Kansfonds.