Rollator Roller Disco vibes with the elderly – a Buiten Westen Festival collab



On Thursday the 29th of June, we organised the Rollator Roller Disco in collaboration with Buiten Westen for the very first time. Disco Dolly played our favourite disco hits, we got so many cuddles from those sweet elderly people from Oudekerk aan de Amstel and we’ve never heard the word ‘BINGO’ called out so often! Who’d thought a Rollator Roller Disco would be this fun?

Nostalgic moments, warm hearts and swaying hips: it was all we needed. We turned a quiet bingo hall into a disco vibing paradise and man, it came alive!


Born for disco
“I’m almost 90 years old and I just danced, I’m so glad I can still do this at my age.”
The lady sitting next to me is smiling so brightly, she tells me: “I can’t say enough how happy I am with all the lovely people around me, it is such a good time!”


Grandma’s favourite hits
THUMP VICE visited our Rollator Roller Disco to hear what the elderly think of dance music. We were super curious. What do these seniors think of Martin Garrix and Daft Punk? Read what makes them swing here.


10,000HOURS X Buiten Westen Festival


Shining seniors
Sharona Wittenberg (Creative Productions Buiten Westen): “I love Disco so much; I was already happy when the first song started playing. These days are a big plus, it’s wonderful to add something to our society as a Festival. These people completely live up on days like these.”

“I was sitting next to Mieke and she’s a bit absentminded, but she’s enjoying it all. You just see her shine, even if the music can sometimes be a bit too loud. I have had about 10 kisses on my cheek and I received compliments that I looked so beautiful.’”


10,000HOURS X Buiten Westen Festival


A true performer

Stephanie Albertzoon, volunteer: ‘‘I’m a real performer. I love everything to do with performing. Me and my best friend join a volunteer day every year, it has become a tradition for us. This volunteer day seemed so nice to me because you really help the elderly have a great day. I must admit I have a soft spot for them.”


10,000HOURS X Buiten Westen Festival


We tuned in to the call of the disco ball at the Buiten Westen Paradise during our Rollator Roller Disco. Together, we kept on rolling and donated 233 HOURS!