Meet our HERO: Sharif!

Future HEROES! My name is Sharif and I’m currently active as a 10,000 HOURS HERO from the academy of last year. I was asked to write a blog about my journey as a volunteer to give you a glimpse of the academy and events, but honestly; there are too many positive experiences which I can’t fit in one story so I’ll summarize a few highlights in this post.


First of all, it feels great to be part of a festival loving community who also want to contribute to society by giving back to those who can’t experience the many parties during the year. I wasn’t really the volunteering type of guy, but when I heard of this initiative and its benefits, it was really worth giving it a try.


The academy consists of four courses where you rapidly learn about volunteering, how to cope with people who have different disabilities and how to set up your own volunteering days. There w­­ere a lot of things I didn’t knew which can also be handy in everyday life. The training days are serious but are given in a relaxed atmosphere in the building of rave temple Warehouse Elementenstraat, pretty cool right?


I also joined two of the biggest events during the festival season: Sensation volunteering day and THE PROJEQT. During these days, handicapped youngsters experience the festival feeling by doing activities like DJ and dance workshops and where we all have a big party during the afternoon to close off a great day. At these moments I saw how much it meant for these youngsters to be part of this and how much impact this has on their lives. At that moment, you know you and 10,000 HOURS are doing something that matters.


From the start of the academy last year I learned about doing volunteering work and its purpose, got to know a lot of great people with big hearts and went to festivals with old and new HEROES. Its now time to organise my own event with two other HEROES in collaboration with our own chosen event Pandemonium.


Apply and be part of a great community, I promise you won’t regret it!