Karaoke, Dio and big moves at Disco Dolly

A HvA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) school project turned into an awesome party for youngsters with disabilities – exactly what we like at 10,000 HOURS. 9 volunteers worked their asses off for 8 weeks to create this unforgettable night at Disco Dolly’s!


From school project to party night

Roos Vos, organizer: “At first glance, this was a school project. We had to come up with a final project and because we all love a good party, we decided to organize one. We’re all creatives, thinking: what better to give people who don’t always get to party a tremendous evening? We chose youngsters with a slight disability. It’s a different audience, and Disco Dolly’s motto ‘just go with it’ instantly matched our idea. They helped us with everything.”


Karaoke madness

“The karaoke especially was a big hit. Everyone was singing as loudly as possible and that really created a crowd bonding. You saw them absolutely enjoying themselves and I loved it. The performance by Dio was a spectacle too! One visitor kept giving points to everyone singing karaoke. After the performance by Dio he got the mic again and called out that Dio would get about 40 million points! The whole venue then cheered and shouted, such a great moment.”


A different style of music

DJ Sidney Still: “I do adapt my music to the audience, it was a great night that called for some more festive music, more Dutch oriented party music that had the crowd reveling!”


For his love

One visitor told us: “I sang Ali B and Marco Borsato tonight, and I sang it all for my girlfriend, especially for her. Because she’s my girlfriend.”


HOURS donated

Roos: “We worked 3 days a week for 8 weeks in total, with 9 volunteers. We absolutely plan to do it again, our next edition will be in October!” Together they donated 2592 HOURS to the 10,000 HOURS Foundation.