Meet our newest ambassador: Joran van Pol

“Happiness is one of the few things that multiplies by sharing it”


He is a familiar face at Awakenings, Welcome to the Future and Mysteryland, and more than once supported 10,000 HOURS at the Volunteer Days. We proudly present to you our newest ambassador Joran van Pol.


Joran, you’re our new ambassador. Why did you decide to join our movement?

I think 10,000 HOURS is a great initiative and I’m happy to give my support to this cause. The festival season demands much from the environment and both nature and inhabitants experience a lot of hassle from the events. I think the volunteer days are a great way, to bring balance and to give something back to the local community.


Mysteryland is kind of hosted in your parents’ backyard. How do they feel about all the commotion?

They think it’s great. Because my work they understand the fun of it and they’re not bothered with a little bit of noise. My father attended Mysteryland last year, and already asked me if I could put him on the guest list for this year.


You’ve played at Awakenings and Welcome to the Future and now Mysteryland is next in line. Which one is your favorite?

They all have their own charms. I love awakenings because my heroes are playing there, Welcome to the Future’s ambience and vibe is amazing and Mysteryland has the most impressive decoration and side programming.


If you had to pick one DJ to join you as a volunteer who would you pick?

That’s a hard question. Let me think about it… Well I guess I would love to do a volunteer day with Jon Hopkins.


Why him?

In terms of music, this man is such an example and inspiration to me that I would like to spend a day with him. His sound is unique. Musically he’s really great, but also with regard to production. There are not many producers who accomplish this. You can really hear which records are his.




If we would reverse roles and you could have the help and support from a volunteer. With what would he or she help you out?

I could use some help with gaining more discipline. I have the tendency to postpone everything to the last second. Often I’m so focused on my music that everything else enters oblivion.


The idea for 10,000 HOURS was born after we felt this sense of unity on the dance floors. What’s your experience with this?

When I’m at a party where everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be, nice people, good music and you’re really enjoying yourself, something is definitely happening. I think the unique part of a great party is that everyone is connected and becomes one without having to talk to each other. Both as a visitor and as an artist I believe that this connection is the most beautiful thing. The feeling that you become one and elevate to another level.


Where do you think that unity feeling comes from?

I think partially because people use nightlife as an escape from their daily life and frustrations. The moment they arrive in a club they can let go of all these things and go out to have a good time. When a club is filled with all kinds of people who have this same focus and intention, and all listen to the same music, I believe everything synchronizes and melts together in a sense of unity.


Why do you think people should register 10,000 HOURS?

Without wanting to sound like a total cliché, I think happiness is one of the few things that multiplies by sharing it. If you’re able to share a tiny piece of your time and happiness with someone who is less fortunate you’ll be amazed by the positive impact it has on the other persons life.