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“HARD WORK AND HAPPINESS, “BEING ABLE TO BE HAPPY IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL QUALITIES”. He is only 21 years of age but he already travels around the world with his case of records. Bram Fidder; a young DJ talent well known from (amongst others) Mysteryland and Welcome to the Future. A while ago,...
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How to secure a spot at the Volunteer Days?

Congratulations! You just signed up for a volunteer day of 10,000 HOURS. It’s great that you want to donate your time to do something good for others. We often get a lot of subscriptions and sometimes not everyone can join. But, with our partner Nederland Cares you can assure yourself of participation by doing 5 hours...
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We welcome you to join our journey

Welcome to the new and improved 10,000 HOURS website and blog. For the last five years our foundation has grown massively. We once started with planting trees for Welcome to the Future Festival and are now hosting volunteer days for more than 12 music festivals; yet this is just the start. Along the way we...
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