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Mini documentaire: Nicky Romero en Yuriko

Yuriko woont vanwege verschillende omstandigheden in een gezinsvervangend tehuis. Samen met Nicky Romero, Protocol en Volt & State, hebben wij Yuriko geholpen haar droom om een eigen track op te nemen te verwezenlijken.
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Sensation Donates To 10,000 HOURS

Sensation and 10,000 HOURS team up to support youngsters with special needs. Help us realize beautiful projects by making a small donation to 10,000 HOURS when purchasing your Sensation ticket.
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Thunderdome Charity Auction

We dove into the ID&T archive and found a lot of Thunderdome treasures. Get a sneak preview of the pieces that are for auction at the Thunderdome Die Hard Day.
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