“I think it’s important that everyone is conscious of where we are living and how we deal with nature.”

Nicky Romero

“The feeling of being able to help someone, and by that I don’t mean financially but by helping them paint a wall or move house, that feeling is unlike anything else. My Volunteer Day was one of those days when you realize this is what matters most in the world.”

Duncan Stutterheim

“14% of the elderly in the Netherlands are lonely and without volunteers for instance these people cannot go outside. With the festivals that ID&T organizes we reach more than a million fans on a yearly base and I think it’s important that we get out a message and ask people to volunteer.”


“Together with all my fans, I would like to do something for other people. Worldwide, 10,000 HOURS inspires young people to make the world a better place. I am proud to say that from now on, I’m able to contribute too”.

East & Young

"We were invited by 10,000 HOURS to join the Mysteryland 2015 Volunteer day. During the day we saw how valuable and important it is to give some extra attention to people who, we think, deserve it the most. We made their day extra special and put a smile on their faces. Amazing!'

Joran van Pol

" I think happiness is one of the few things that multiplies by sharing it. If you’re able to share a tiny piece of your time and happiness with someone who is less fortunate you’ll be amazed by the positive impact it has on the other persons life."