A mini-Mysteryland story

The grounds of the Hartekamp groep in Heemstede turned into a mini Mysteryland terrain, including giant teddy bear and a gigantic DJ booth. On the 2nd of August, 10,000 HOURS and Mysteryland organized their Mysteryland volunteerday, and it was a party!



Today is a gift
From the early morning on, a big group of volunteers made sure the Hartekamp group terrain looked just like the Mysteryland festival site. A giant teddy bear and cat were inflated, the decoration workshop area was filled with items to decorate awesome caps and multiple DJ sets were placed so the VIPS could spin some records. The day started off with welcoming the VIPS (youngsters with special needs) by high fiving them and eating delicious fries for lunch, made by volunteer Jan-Willem (25). He also bakes the fries at Mysteryland himself! Jan-Willem volunteered because he wanted to create a fun day for our VIPS, and what better way to do so then by giving them fries with a smile (and maybe even a little dance)? For him going to Mysteryland means he has to work hard but he also enjoys the festival itself. He finds baking fries for our VIPS awesome, since they have been telling him that they love the fries he serves!


After the lunch our VIPS went on to participate in different workshops, such as: doing make-up, learning how to DJ and taking a Zumba class. Our volunteers joined them and the energy was amazing. Volunteer Isabel (22): “I’ve done some volunteer work before, but never on a party place such as 10,000 HOURS and Mysteryland have created here, it’s lovely to see that the VIPS are experiencing this festival feeling today, just as I do on festivals where fun and friends create my ultimate festival experience.”


Party like it’s 1999
For many volunteers the closing party of festivals are the ones to remember. Such a closing party was also created during the final hours of the volunteerday at the Hartekamp!
The DJ played top 40 songs along with techno, hardstyle and trance music.
No one could stop dancing and the VIPS of the DJ workshop also played some beats.




VIP Suzanne liked the DJ workshop the most of all workshops and she tells her superpower is also DJ’ing. Her DJ name? DJ Bulldog, because it is her favourite animal. Suzanne loved this day so much, she said: “I want this day to be more often and I feel like every day in life should be a party.”

The VIP that danced until the final song was played is named Linda. She said it was a very fun day, especially because there were so many lovely people around. She agrees with Suzanne and hopes many more of these volunteer days will come, so she can party even more!


Tomorrow is a Mystery
After the final song was played, the day rounded off with some words spoken by the VIPS.
They all agreed on what an amazing experience it has been and they enjoyed it to the fullest.

Volunteer Kamiel went home with a satisfied feeling, it was his first time volunteering and he is sure it won’t be his last. He loved that he could help to make this day possible, he says: “It is all about the smiles today.”


At the end of the day we all hugged the giant teddy bear for one last time, the VIPS took their beautiful paintings home and we also did our final rounds of high fives.

It was without a doubt a magical day.

See video and article from “Hart van Nederland“.

Written by our HERO Laura Winkels