A dance for those who needed to dance


This weekend a white invasion takes over the Amsterdam Arena for one of the most spectacular nights of the year: Sensation. The sense of unity you experience at Sensation is the same sense of unity that 10,000 HOURS thrives on. A feeling so special that it should be available for everyone. On May 14, we made that happen. Together with a big group of volunteers we partnered up with Sensation and gave the most vulnerable youngsters in our society an unforgettable festival experience.


After the great success of the previous Sensation Volunteer Day, there was no doubt than to repeat last years rewarding formula. The only requirement: throw an even bigger and better party than the year before. At 2 PM the first VIPS arrived. Our very important people were youngsters from the neighborhood with special needs. You could definitely tell which VIPS attended the Sensation Volunteer Day for the second time. Filled with confidence they high fived each other and easily found there way. After a short welcome speech the group split up for the workshops.


From dancing and DJ classes to cooking and decorating, there was something for everyone. When we took a seat at the decorating table our eye fell on the beautiful bag Celeste was customizing together with a volunteer. Celeste: “I’m making a bag for DJ Nicky Romero. He is my favorite DJ and he recorded a song with Yuriko, she is my friend. My wish is to also record a song with him.” At the other end of the table VIP Casper, who suffers from Down’s syndrome showed us his drawing. “I’m getting married with Celine, but sometimes she thinks I’m grumpy so that’s why I’m making her a drawing.”


After the dance group finished their cool choreography and the future DJ’s learned to mix their own tracks at the Pioneer DJ School it was time to celebrate. All dressed in white the VIPS entered the red carpet and got blown away with the impressive Sensation decoration at the party. The party started with a special performance from Yuriko, who released the track she recorded with the help of Nicky Romero. After a standing ovation, the DJ turned on the music and made everyone dance their ass off. Around 5 PM, the last song was played and it was time to go home again. Packed with a Sensation goody bag and a huge smile on their face the VIPS and volunteers left the building.


With a red carpet, a track release from one of the VIPS, a video message from Nicky Romero, dance performances and only happy faces we definitely completed our mission. We can’t put in words how we felt during this day. Because of our amazing volunteers, our dream became reality. We shared the positive energy of the dance floor with the most vulnerable youngsters in our society and danced with those who needed to dance.