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Thunderdome x 10,000 HOURS auction

Thunderdome is back. On December 5th, the Melkweg will be transformed into a real gabber domain for the Thunderdome Die Hard Day. We will be there as well with a special Thunderdome charity auction.
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Project Management and Volunteer Policy intern

10,000 HOURS ABOUT US We hit the dance floor and felt a great sense of unity. It made us wonder what our dance community could do with all its positive energy. If we would all help a good cause for just a few hours, how much difference could we make? That same year we donated...
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Nicky Romero Donates Time for a Very Special Project

Nicky Romero and Yuriko met at the Nicky Romero Volunteer Day in 2014. When Nicky heard one of Yuriko’s tracks a seed was planted. With a shared passion for music, Nicky and his team helped Yuriko out with producing her own track in the Protocol Studios.
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