10,000 HOURS Heroes organize first FloatFest 013 Volunteer Day

A couple of months ago we started our very first HEROES ACADEMY. We wanted to expend our team and realize more beautiful projects. The HEROES journey began in February were a group of eleven inspiring volunteers crossed our paths, driven to be a part of THE HEROES ACADEMY. We invited experts in the field to show their best practices and train the HEROES how to guide a group of 10 or 15 volunteers. The HEROES ACADEMY is supported by VSBfonds and Kansfonds


Now, six months later, after four training sessions and seven volunteer days, our HEROES learned how to work with elderly and youngsters with special needs, how to improve their presentation skills and how to set up their own mini volunteer day.


We are very proud of everything they’ve accomplished so far and we are ready to hand over the stick. On August 25, our HEROES Naomi and Joost organize the first FloatFest 013 Volunteer Day and you can join them. Do you want to support our HEROES and share some positive energy with the elderly in Tilburg? Register now!


Do you want to know how Naomi and Joost think about the HEROES ACADEMY? We’ve asked them about their best moments.

Joost: ‘’My best moment during the HEROES ACADEMY was my first time working and leading a group of volunteers on a volunteer day. I hope my best moments will peak during my own volunteer day.’’


Naomi: ‘’For me during THE PROJEQT that I could get to work with such a large group with enthusiastic volunteers, we created something very beautiful.’’